Rest In Armenia

Rest In Armenia

If you decided to begin your acquaintance with Armenia, you’ve made a right choice. Armenia isn’t only very picturesque, but also offers the most comfortable conditions for rest.
If to summarize all advantages of the rest in Armenia, so it is possible to allocate the main things: cultural heritage, good weather conditions which will allow you to travel about the country even in the afternoon; a lot of fruits: well-known Armenian apricot, grape, apples, plums, pears, the most delicious food and good Armenian friends who will be waiting for your return to their beloved homeland.
Holiday in Armenia will be remembered to you during any season, and the budget hotels in Yerevan will allow you to have great time cost effectively. Armenia possesses its special charm that makes you sincerely to fall in love with this amazing country!


Dilijan (Region Tavush) is a city with a specific flora and fauna. Its vast territory is wooded valley basin Aghstev (inflow Kura) and two of its tributaries. Climate of neighborhoods of Dilijan is warm and moderately humid. The clean mountain air is filled with the healing scent of pines. Mountain climatic and balneological resort Dilijan is located at 1255-1510m. Summer is warm (average temperature in July is 19 ° C) and winter is mild (average temperature in January is -2 ° C). Dryness of air is particularly evident in winter and spring months. Relative air humidity is about 70%, the amount of precipitation is about 640 mm per year.
Travellers from all over the world come to this beautiful city to enjoy its natural and architectural monuments of antiquity, unforgettable mountains and forests that surround you at any point in the city. There are 32 ancient monuments on the territory of Dilijan and its surroundings. The most significant are Haghartsin, Goshavank Djuhtakvank and Matosavank, which are the most valuable monuments of medieval Armenian architecture.


Tsaghkadzor has been attractive since the ancient times as a residence and a resort place where people inhabited from 3-5 centuries. The city of Tsaghkadzor is located at the Kotayq region of the Republic of Armenia and has nearly 2000 habitants. The city is located at the flank of Teghenis Mountain and at the left side of the Marmarik River which is 1845 meters high from sea surface.
Tsaghkadzor is a great place for lovers of Ski sports, who enjoy speed and extreme. The good winter climate of the city is perfect for winter sports, especially from November till the end of March.
“KAR TOUR” travel agency offers you to pass your active rest in wonderful ski-resort town of Armenia-in Tsakhkadzor. There are all necessary conditions for winter sport amateurs in ski tracks of different difficulty ( the highest point is 2819 m). Tsakhkadzor full of surprise is waiting for you.
Besides the great nature, Tsaghkadzor has many historical places of interest, including Kecharis Monastery and Orbeli Brothers’ Museum. One of the dearest places of Tsaghkadzor is Kecharis Monastery (XI-XIII century), which consists of four churches.


Jermuk is a spa town in the southern Armenian province of Vayots Dzor. It was a popular destination during the Soviet era and nowadays is still famous for its hot springs and its brand of mineral water that is bottled in the vicinity. The town is considered to be attractive for its huge waterfall, the natural bridge, the lake, its forests with its walking trails and mineral water pools. Jermuk is currently being redeveloped to become a modern centre of tourism and health services. The town is also being set up to become a sort of Chess centre, with numerous chess tournaments hosted or scheduled to be hosted. Finally, Jermuk is well-known among the Armenian people for its distinctively fresh air. The town is located at a height of 2080 meters above sea level, within the mountains of Vayots Dzor, among thick forests, on a plateau divided into two parts by the gorge of Arpa River, 170 km south-east of Yerevan. Surrounding mountains of Vayots Dzor, Vardenis and Syunik are all covered with forests and alpine meadows at a height of 2500–3000 meters. The forests of Jermuk are rich with oak and hornbeam trees, as well as with dog rose, wild pear, plum and juniper plants. Animals like foxes, rabbits, badgers and bears could be found there. Jermuk is full of natural hot springs (Geysers). The name itself is derived from this fact, as the word “jermuk” means “geyser” in the Armenian language. The waterfall of Jermuk on Arpa river has a height of 70 meters.


Stepanavan with its nature temperate, humid climate and cold springs considered to be one of the health resort towns of Armenia. The town is located in Dzoraget valley, 1400 m above sea level. Stepanavan 144km far from Yerevan. The town’s mild climate, cool air and cold mineral springs, Dzoraget gorage , green slopes and pine forests create wonderful conditions for treatment and rest. There are a lot of sights around the town. The most popular sights are «Lori» ford,, St. Gevorg church, Hnevanq monastery complex. Though the most popular and beautiful place is Stepanavan Dendropark, officially known as Sochut Dendropark named after Edmund Leonowiez .
This is a hiking, biking, camping wonderland, as there are no fences, few cars, lots of back roads and trails, and very friendly people.


Sevan (Armenian: Սևան), is a town and popular resort in Armenia, located in the Gegharkunik Province on the northwestern shores of Lake Sevan. The town is located at a height of more than 1,925 metres (6,316 feet) above sea level, 65 km (40 mi) northeast of the capital Yerevan, and 35 km (22 mi) north of Gavar, the administrative centre of Gegharkunik Province.
The town is surrounded by Sevan National Park, which extend from the northeastern parts of the town to the southwest, while Lake Sevan forms the natural border of the city to the east. As of the 2011 census, the population of the town was 19,229. However, as per the 2016 official estimate, the population of Sevan is 19,200. During the brief summer of the region, Sevan turns into a popular beach resort. Many professionals and amateurs visit the city to practice their favourite types of sports on the shores including beach soccer, beach volleyball, windsurfing and other types of water sports through numerous swimming beaches and facilities along the entire Sevan shore, such as the water park, the horse-riding club, the tennis courts, the mini football and basketball fields.
In February 2011, the Sevan ropeway was opened at the north of the town, in the area known as “mashtotsner”, on the way to Tsovagyugh village. It has a length of 1,130 meters. Sevan is among the 3 towns of Armenia that are allowed to accommodate gambling houses and activities in urban settlements (along with Tsaghkadzor and Jermuk). The Sevan National Park and Sevan Botanical Garden are major destinations for the lovers of ecotourism.


Arzni spa town is situated at a height of 1250 meters above sea level on the 23th km to the North of Yerevan, on the slope of the gorge covered with forest and shrubbery, where clear and ringing purl of Hrazdan river can be heard. The climate in Arzni is continental, the winter is soft (the average temperature in January is -5C), the summer is pleasantly cool (the average temperature in July is +22C), the autumn is warm and long-lasting. The sunny days of the year make 2236 hours. By the amount of clear days Arzni exceeds all the health resorts of the Caucasus.
The atmospheric pressure is stable, without sharp changes and is equal to 657 mm of the mercury column. The main therapeutic factors of Arzni are the bicarbonate-chloride-hydrocarbonate-sodium water, and the climate of the mountainous areas with typical low barometric pressure. The considerable quantity of carbon dioxide in mineral waters (1.25-2.0 g/l) and the availability of diverse mineral elements (8-10g/1) are of particular importance for the effective treatment.
According to the legend, Semiramis treated the wounds of Ara the Beautiful by the immortal water of Arzni… Another legend tells that during the small breaks between invasions and wars, Tigran the Great cured his fatigue and diseases in Arzni. It’s great that Arzni is not a legend from the past, but a real, unique and modern resort accessible for all segments of population. They say coming once for treatment to Arzni, people keep returning to enjoy the air, water and bread of Arzni….