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Stepanavan with its nature temperate, humid climate and cold springs  considered to be one of the health resort towns of Armenia. The town is located in Dzoraget valley, 1400 m above sea level. Stepanavan 144km far from Yerevan. The surrounding areas of Stepanavan are covered by forests. Local pine trees and Crimean trees are in the dominant part of the forest. It has an exceptional healing features in pollution season and fitonsides are important for healing tuberculosis , extrapulmonary organs and respiratory problems.

Departure  09:00

After  breakfast we will move to the northern gateway, the cozy corner of Lori region: Stepanavan health resort town. Our first stop will be in Ohanavavank church, then we will countinue our path to Stepanavan.

 In Stepanavan we will visit one of the beautiful places of Armenia Sochut Dendropark. The Stepanavan Dendropark consists of deciduous forest and ornamental plantings with avenues of Lime (Tilia cordata), and wild sourced specimens of Juglans, Malus, Populus and Pyrus. Most specimens were acquired from other botanic gardens as part of international exchange programmes with the Botanic Garden in Tbilisi (Georgia), Kiev (Ukraine), Nikitski, (Crimea, Ukraine), Leningrad and Moscow Central (Soviet Union) as well as the Far East. Specimens were also obtained further afield from Germany, France, Portugal, China and the United States. There are now more than 500 introduced species. Then we will visit «Lori» ford, which was on busy trade routes and was one of the major settlements of medieval Armenia.

14:00 Lunch Time

After Lunch we will visit Hnevank monastery , which is situated on a hill within a gorge, near where the Dzoraget and Gargar rivers join.

19:00 Return to Yerevan.

Tour Program

  1. 09:00 Departure from Yerevan
  2. 10:00 Ohanavank
  3. 12:00 Stepanavan
  4. 14:00 Lunch Time
  5. 19:00 Return To Yerevan

2 person

81 EUR / 87 USD


4-6 person

60 EUR / 65 USD


8-15 person

50 EUR / 52 USD


20 and more person

38 EUR / 40 USD


The price includes:

  • All the transfers according to the program;
  • guide service(who speaks on your language);
  • Entrance fees;
  • 2 bottles of water;
  • Taxes.


                          Tour can start from any place you prefer in Yerevan;

  • Tour package fro children under 5 is free of charge;
  • For children from 6 to 11 — 50 % discount
  • We can organize booking at a hotel in Stepanavan

                   The tour price does not include:

  • Lunch during the tour (15$)
  • Insurance;
  • Alcoholic drinks.