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We are here to organise the best entertainment tour for You in Yerevan

Kar Tour suggests the following entertainment opportunities in Yerevan:

Malkhas Jazz ClubArmenia’s most famous jazz club is the place where you can enjoy excellent live jazz, pleasant atmosphere and good food.

Mezzo Classic House Club MEZZO is an upscale two-storey complex club located in the heart of  Yerevan, conveniently close to both cultural and entertainment districts of the city. It offers multi-sectioned zones to satisfy every style. MEZZO’s guests may visit walk-in cigar humidor and enjoy their choice of cigar in the Cigar zone, browse through large wine and spirit variety in the Bar, relax in comfortable sofa seats in the Red or Brown Lounge areas, enjoy their food selection in the classically designed Restaurant section, or listen to live music in the Parterre zone.

Club 12Club 12 is one of the most colorful, friendly, at the same time simple and luxurious establishments in Yerevan. Club 12 is not only a place of entertainment and recreation. It’s like a second home. Every evening, starting from 9 pm live music is playing. A unique atmosphere prevails in the club. Everyone loves to have fun, dance, so there are no tension and obsessions. This is not a youth club, and is mainly designed for middle-aged people.


Stop Club—  Stop Club is Armenia’s premiere live music club, showcasing quality live music across all genres. It’s the birth place of Armenia’s best home-grown bands. Many new bands and soloists have taken their first steps here — musicians who have now presented Armenia on international stages.With good food, cocktails, and an underground jazz club atmosphere,Stop club promises a great evening in the very heart of Yerevan.


El GardenIf you love the nature and prefer to enjoy delicious dishes and drinks in the open air then EL Garden is the most suitable place for it.Green area, transparent tents, swings on the trees , ducks and rabbits freely strolling in the whole area, well-disposed and friendly service, rich menu and of course, fresh and clean air. This is the incomplete list of the peculiarities characterizing EL Garden.The name itself underscores the concept, however you will be pleasantly astonished when you approach the garden. It is amazing in any season.

For the lovers of the theatre Kar Tour suggests:

Agulis Theatre (Address: 29 Abovian Str., Yerevan)
G. Sundukian National Academic  Theatre (Address: 6 G. Lusavorich Str., Yerevan)

H. Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre (Address: 4 Sayat-Nova Ave., Yerevan)

H. Ghaplanyan Drama Theatre (Address: 28 Issahakian Str., Yerevan)

Hamazgayin Theatre (Address: 26 Amiryan Str., Yerevan)

H. Paronyan State Theatre of Musical  Comedy (Address: 7 V. Sargissian Str., Yerevan)

Henrik Malian Theatre of ArmenFilm  Studio (Address: 20 Vardanants Str. (Cinema House), Yerevan)

K. Stanislavski State Russian Drama  Theatre Address: 7 Abovyan Str., Yerevan

Metro Theatre Address: Garegin Nzhdeh Subway Station, Yerevan

Mher Mkrtchyan Artistic Theatre Address: 18 Khorenatsi Str., Yerevan

State Marionette Theatre Address: 43 Mashtots Ave., Yerevan

State Musical Chamber Theatre Address: Baghramian Subway Station, Yerevan

State Song Theatre of Armenia Address: 13a Khanjyan Str., Yerevan

State Theatre of Young Spectator Address: Moskovyan 3 str., Yerevan

State Theatre of Pantomime Address: Moskovyan 3 str., Yerevan

Yerevan Chamber Theatre Address: 58 Mashtots Ave., Yerevan